electrician technician

Electrician technician

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Instrument Technician (Diploma- 7 yr exp)Static EquipmentMore Inspector (AWS or API- 5 yr exp)Pipe fitters (ITI- 5 yr exp)Electrician Technician (Diploma- 7 yr exp)Mechanical Technician (Diploma- 7 yr exp)Safety Officers (Degree/Diploma- 3 yr exp)UTT Technician (ASNT Level II- 5 yr exp)PT Technician (ASNT Level II- 5 yr exp)Static Equipment Supervisor (Degree/Diploma- 7 yr exp)NDT Technicians (PT, MT, UT, Shear wave) Certified /5 years ExpWelding Inspectors (AWS/CSWIP- 5 yr exp)GRP Inspectors (5 yr exp)Permit Receivers (Degree/Diploma- 5 yr exp)

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