Palika Climate Coordinator

Palika Climate Coordinator

Mott MacDonald

The technical assistance (TA) teams will work with selected municipalities in the Lumbini, Karnali, and Sudurpaschim Provinces to support them through the climate change adaptation and resilience planning process aligning with Local Adaptation Plan of Action (LAPA) Framework.

The focus of the TA teams’ support is on inclusive, accountable, and evidence-based planning and implementation. The emphasis is on supporting the process by which, for example, the annual plan and periodic plan are developed in a participatory approach and uses climate information. As the municipalities plan, design and implement NCCSP2 related activities, the role of the TA team is to support and mentor. This includes demand-driven on-the-job “hand-holding” support for municipality’s functionaries/representatives (the Chairs or Mayors, Deputy Chairs or Mayors , executives, executive committees, ward chairs/members, ward level committees, thematic committees etc.). The on-the-job support is expected to build up the capacity and skills of the municipalities to manage the processes themselves.

The Climate Coordinator will support, guide, monitor, facilitate and assess the performance of the municipalities in implementing NCCSP2. The Climate Coordinator also captures and shares learning from Local Adaptation Plans for Action (LAPA) activities and methodology.

One Climate Coordinator will support a cluster comprising of 2 to 4 municipalities based on the cluster coverage.

He/She will work closely with and under the overall leadership of the Regional Climate Coordinator and Deputy Team Leader.

Specific roles of the climate coordinator will include:

Support municipality staff to plan, design, budget, implement and monitor climate change adaptation and resilience interventions
Support municipality staff to use climate, technical and socio-economic data in the planning, screening of activities, and decision-making process
Educate, train and orient municipality staff and communities on climate risks, opportunities and the climate change adaptation and resilience planning and implementation process;
Support municipality staff in shortlisting, climate risk screening, and identification of inclusive climate resilient activities/projects
Ensure that gender and social inclusion considerations are integrated throughout the programme and practices of municipalities, so that vulnerable people and communities participate in, and benefit from, the climate resilience projects
Support municipalities’ staff in the design and cost-estimation of the climate resilient investment/project
Support municipalities’ staff to prepare the Detailed Project Report (DPR), Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP), Business Development Plan (BDP) of the LAPA schemes selected by the municipality.
Support municipalities’ staff to prepare implementation plan, procurement, and contract milestones
Undertake supplier due diligence (including specific checklist for user committees and contractors where applicable)
Together with the engineer and senior engineer, oversee the technical quality of works and timeliness of delivery of the climate resilient projects/investments
Coordinate with the municipality’s finance and administration (F&A) officer to ensure project activities are implemented on time and within budget
Work in close coordination with engineers, PAFO, Fund Officer of Fund Management Assistance to implement the LAPA schemes
Undertake certification of progress to date and verification of quality of works
Prepare monthly and Trimester progress reports
Support municipality staff in planning and budgeting of annual and quarterly activities of respective municipality
Undertake other activities assigned by Regional Climate Coordinator, Deputy Team Leader or Team Leader
Note: This job description reflects the present requirements of the post. As duties and responsibilities change and develop the job description will be reviewed and be subject to amendment in consultation with the post holder and line manager.

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